FSA Gossamer Pro BB386 EVO ABS Cyclocross Bike Crankset 46/36T 172.5 N10/11s NEW
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  • Manufacturer: FSA
  • Model: Gossamer Pro ABS BB386EVO, CK-OSC6023CC/86DB
  • Length: See title / Specs
  • Mass: 778 grams (crank)
  • Speed: 10/11s Shimano/SRAM
  • Spindle type: 386EVO
  • Chainrings: 46/36T
  • Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD): 110mm, 4-bolt
  • Does NOT include bottom bracket
  • Condition: New in box
Note: Images and Weight taken from Size 172.5mm crankset


The 386 EVO platform is nearly 100% universal for all road bike frame applications - It just requires a different bottom bracket given the type of bottom bracket shell your frame has. The last 4 images show what parts are needed given your application. Please refer to chart for bottom bracket shell dimensions/types, and corresponding bottom bracket. As a reminder, the buyer is ultimately responsible for choosing the compatible bottom bracket given the crank and BB shell type. The chart shows model numbers from a year ago, there may be newer models in existence now.

Compatible bottom brackets shells:

See images for the other names given the part #. Every FSA part has a unique number and a common name. For example, a 200-3111 has a common name of BB-PF-8200. PF30 and BB30 shell types require the bearings PLUS a spacer part.

Shell Type

Shell Dimensions
BB Model Number
(Ceramic Bearings)
BB Model #
(Steel Bearings)
386 EVO 86.5mm wide, 46mm Inner Diameter
68mm (BSA)
68mm wide, English Threaded Inner 200-3200
68mm wide, 42mm Inner Diameter 200-3000 + 200-3204
200-3001 + 200-3204
68mm wide, 46mm Inner Diameter
200-3111 + 200-3204
200-3112 + 200-3204
Cannondale BB30A
73mm wide, 42mm Inner Diameter
200-3000 + 200-0005000330
200-3001 + 200-0005000330
BBright PF30
79mm wide, 46mm Inner Diameter
200-3111 + 200-0010000110
200-3112 + 200-0010000110
Pressfit BB86
86.5mm wide, 41mm Inner Diameter

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