CAMPAGNOLO BB30 Power Torque Adapters 68 x 42mm Bottom Bracket Campy Bike NEW
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  • Campagnolo Power Torque for non-threaded BB30 bottom brackets. This is an adaptive BB that mates the bottom bracket shell directly to the Power-Torque spindle. There's no need for any other parts except a Power Torqe crankset. This includes the non-drive side bearing (drive-side bearings are installed on Power-Torque cranksets).


  • Manufacturer: Campagnolo

  • Size: 68 x 42mm

  • Compatibility: For 68mm wide BB30 bottom brackets (non-threaded) and a diameter of 42mm.

  • For Power-Torque cranksets only. It is my opinion that it could be used for UT cranksets if one removes the non-drive side bearing from the BB cup considering that the bearings for each are identical and that the BB's are identical apart from an extra bearing and a stiffer spring on PT bottom brackets, but it is not recommended by Campagnolo. This application can be tried only at your own risk. This bottom bracket states on it that it is compatible only with Power Torque cranksets.

  • Mass: 86 grams*


  • Two bearing cups (right and left), a left side bearing (already pressed in), a non-drive side spring, a retaining clip, and a non-drive side dust cover.

* All weights and measures are approximate.

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