Knog Ring Master 1.2 Bike Cable 1200mm Silicone/Steel Red 10mm New
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Type: Lock

Vendor: Knog

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Knog Ring Master 1.2 Bike Cable

New / MSRP $24.95 / Ships in 24hrs

It goes without saying that if you like it then you gotta put a Ring on it – but why settle for just any old ring? The Master not only encircles pretty much anything you need it to, it also tames lions, can work a crowd and is on close personal terms with the bearded lady – do you think she would just hang around with any old schmo? Roll up and roll out!

  • Manufacturer: Knog
  • Model: Ring Master
  • Type: Bike cable
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Steel core; 10mm fiber braided steel cable
  • Diameter with silicone cover: 12mm
  • Material: Silicon coated, steel braided cable
  • Color: Red
  • Mass: 265g (claimed)
  • Condition: New in original packaging
  • Flexible silicone over-moulded
  • 10mm fiber core braided steel cable
  • Designed and proven to withstand more than 300kg of tensile load
  • Non-mark, non scratch surface that won't mark your bike
Please note: comes as shown. You will need to provide your own padlock.

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