X-SOCKS TENNIS PROFESSIONAL MSRP $32 US 6.5 - 8.5 EU 39-41 White Compression NEW
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STABILITY, INCREASED. RISK OF INJURY, DECREASED. The quick pace and speedy reactions are hallmarks of the sport, but they also contribute to the risk of injury. Abrupt stops and sideways movements place extreme strain on the feet. The AirDens™ Padding System provides a buffer against the force of blows and reduces the shock transmitted from the playing surface to the feet. X-SOCKS® for Tennis allow the precise legwork that can be crucial to winning a game. Developed for the extreme conditions your feet can encounter in the course of a tough match.


  • size: US 6.5 - 8.5 EU 39 - 41
  • color: white
  • materials: 84% nylon/ 12% polypropylene/ 4% elastodiene
  • height: mid
  • condition: new - sales rep's samples. never worn.


  • self adjusting cuff
  • achilles tendon protector
  • AirFlow ankle pads
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • AirCool Stripes
  • stretching rib
  • toe protector
  • ToeTip protector
  • instep protector
  • X-Cross Bandage
  • heel protector
  • Travers AirFlow Channel System
  • integrated AirConditioning Channel - footbed
  • anatomically shaped footbed for the right and left

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