X-SOCKS MOTO TOURING MSRP $55 Motorcycling Comfort US 3.5 - 6.5 EU 35- 38 Pr NEW
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Category: 35-38 Athletic Mens x-socks

Type: Not Catergorized

Vendor: x-socks

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EXTRAORDINARY TECHNOLOGY FOR SAFETY AND COMFORT. Experienced riders know that the right clothes are a part of a great, safe tour as much as riding ability. But protection can't go hand-in-hand with restriction of movement. That's why the X-SOCKS® Mototouring offers all-over protection exactly in the same places where the loads and the problematic spots are. Excess warmth and moisture are drawn away and transport right up from the sole of the foot and out of the shoe by the fine-knit mesh system of the patented AirConditioning Channel®. Fresh air is drawn in and overheating is avoided. Provides for dry, temperature-regulated and performance-ready feet.


  • size: US 3.5 - 6.5 EU 35 - 38
  • color: black
  • materials: 59% nylon/ 21% wool/ 11% polypropylene/ 6% acrylic/ 3% elastane
  • height: long
  • condition: new - sales rep's samples. never worn.


  • self-adjusting cuff
  • shin protector
  • calf protector
  • AirFlow SideImpact Protector
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • AirFlow Ankle Pads
  • instep protector
  • X-Cross Bandage
  • achilles tendon protector
  • toe protector
  • ToeTip Protector
  • heel protector
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System
  • integrated AirConditioning Channel - footbed
  • anatomically shaped footbed for the right and left

While these are authentic, these socks to do not qualify for the 2 year warranty.

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