X-SOCKS GOLF AIR MSRP $32 Men's Crew 6.5-8.5 EU 39-41 Blue NEW SAMPLE - 2 LEFTS
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Category: 39-41 Athletic Mens x-socks

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Whether it's a leisurely stroll on the fairway or a more strenuous hike through rough terrain, your feet bear your entire weight with every step and buffer the vibrations that travel via the spine to your entire body. Help your feet deal with the strain and support their shock-absorbing function with X-Socks Golf Air Step. The unique X-Socks technology protects your foot in the shoe and stabilizes and supports, muscles, tendons, and joints without restricting freedom of movement. Your feet can optimally perform their natural, rolling movement. The anatomically-shaped R/L footbed acts as an additional shock absorber with each step, reducing the pressure on the toes, ball, and heel and allowing the foot to perform its natural rolling movement. The high-performance, high-tech yarns ensure optimal moisture and temperature control.


  • size: US 6.5 - 8.5 EU 39 - 41
  • color: navy
  • materials: 40% nylon/ 30% cotton/ 20% polypropylene/ 10% elastane
  • height: quarter
  • condition: new - sales rep's samples. never worn. (two left socks)*


  • self adjusting cuff
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • instep protector
  • toe protector
  • ToeTip protector
  • X-Cross Bandage
  • Achilles' tendon protector
  • heel protector
  • Travers AirFlow Channel System
  • integrated AirConditioning Channel - footbed
  • anatomically shaped footbed for the right and left

*please note: sale is for 2 left socks. they are the same color, the same size, and they are for the same foot. maybe you wouldn't use them for competing, but they are still very comfortable.

While these are authentic, these socks to do not qualify for the 2 year warranty.

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