X-SOCKS BIKING DISCOVERY MSRP $22 Sock Short US 6.5 - 8.5 EU 39 - 41 Pair Pr NEW
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Category: 39-41 Athletic Mens x-socks

Type: Not Catergorized

Vendor: x-socks

SKU: 353377

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HIGH-TECH FROM THE TOES ON UP. EVEN OUR ENTRY-LEVEL MODEL. The Biking Discovery X-SOCKS® offer a low-cost alternative for those just beginning to discover the X-SOCKS® range. Featuring the X-Cross® Bandage, special toe, instep and Achilles tendon protectors, and the AirConditioning Channel®, this sock offers sensational value for the money.


  • size: US 6.5 - 8.5 EU 39 - 41
  • color: white
  • materials: 47% cotton/ 36% nylon/ 15% polypropylene/ 2% elastane
  • height: short
  • condition: new - sales rep's samples. never worn.


  • self adjusting cuff
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • instep protector
  • toe protector
  • X-Cross Bandage
  • Achilles' tendon protector
  • heel protector
  • Travers AirFlow Channel System
  • integrated AirConditioning Channel - footbed
  • anatomically shaped footbed for the right and left

While these are authentic, these socks to do not qualify for the 2 year warranty.

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