X-SOCKS BIKE RACING MSRP $34 Short Sock Black 3.5-6 EU 35-38 NEW 2 RIGHTS
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IF YOU WANT TO WIN RACES, YOU HAVE TO TRUST THE CHAMPIONS. The X-SOCKS® Bike Racing model is especially lightweight and is cut lower than our other biking models. The lightweight finish provides optimal contact from the foot via the shoe to the pedal, ensuring excellent control and optimal transmission of power. A complex system of padding reduces pressure in exactly those areas where shocks and friction are greatest, effectively diminishing the risk of sustaining pressure points and skin abrasions. The climate-controlling materials and the “Air” ventilation system create a dry, climatized, and temperature-controlled environment for your feet, even under extreme conditions.


  • size: US 3.5-6 EU 35-38
  • color: black
  • materials: 72% nylon/ 26% polypropylene/ 2% elastane
  • height: short
  • condition: new sales rep's samples. never worn. (two right socks)*


  • self-adjusting cuff
  • duckbill-shaped footguard
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • AirFlow ankle pads
  • X-Cross bandage
  • stretch ribs
  • toe tip protector
  • ToeTip protector
  • achilles tendon protector
  • heel protector
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System
  • integrated AirConditioning Channel - footbed
  • anatomically shaped footbed for the right and left*

*please note: sale is for 2 right socks. they are the same color, the same size, and they are for the same foot. maybe you wouldn't use them for competing, but they are still very comfortable.

while these are authentic, these socks to do not qualify for the 2 year warranty.

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