X-BIONIC ENERGY ACCUMULATOR Women's X- Warm Pants Med Length L/XL Pink $250 NEW
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THE COLD DOESN’T CARE WHAT YOU’VE GOT ON UNDERNEATH. X-BIONIC® has developed the Energy Accumulator® Extrawarm for use in particularly cold environments, or for people who are especially prone to freezing. In comparison with the Energy Accumulator, the Extrawarm version is knitted from thicker fibres with a higher insulation factor. Functioning parallel to this, ZERO-Insulation Zones integrated into the air conditioning channels ensure effective ventilation, act as a safety valve against superfluous heat and thus avoid the risk of potential overheating.


  • size: L/XL
  • color: white/pink
  • length: medium
  • materials: 77% polyamide/ 20% polypropylene/ 3% elastane
  • made in Italy
  • condition: blemished* - new sales rep's sample - in oem packaging


  • Two-Step 3D-BionicSphere System
  • ISO-Pad
  • AirConditioning Channel with ZERO-Insulation
  • ExpansionKnee
  • AirConditioningSpot
  • AirConditioning Channel
  • ISO-CalfPad
  • InsulationPads on the upper thigh
  • AirGuides
  • X-BIONIC Partial Kompression
  • X-Impact Technology
  • 3D-BionicSphere System at the tailbone

*there is some yellowing in one or more places on the pants. it is fairly light - sometimes difficult to see. please see photo #4 for an example.

while 100% authentic, sales rep's samples do not qualify for the 2 year warranty.

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