WTB Cross Wolf 700c x 32 TCS Folding PAIR Bike Tires 60TPI Casing Cyclocross New
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Type: Clincher

Vendor: WTB

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WTB Cross Wolf TCS - Pair of Bike Tires

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The WTB Cross Wolf TCS delivers all the speed and aggressive bite needed to excel in cyclocross competition as well as blitzing the local singletrack. It boasts impressive traction and stability for its minimal weight and 700x32 size, especially in loose soil. Additionally, this version of the Cross Wolf is optimized for tubeless use to further enhance its performance in the dirt. Intended usage: Cyclocross, either front or rear Optimal conditions: Damp to wet / Sand to mud Knobby pattern provides speed and an impressive bite Dual DNA rubber compound - firmer in the center, softer on side knobs - is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability TCS tubeless system technology lets you run wheels tubeless for better performance and a lower air pressure range Supple 60 TPI casing for low rotational weight Folding bead shaves grams. Weight: 392 grams.


  • Manufacturer: WTB
  • Model: Cross Wolf TCS
  • Tire type: Clincher, TCS tubeless
  • Size: 700c x 32
  • Includes: Two (2) 700c x 32 tires 
  • Features: 60tpi casing, TCS aramid bead
  • Compound: DNA Rubber Compound
  • Mass: 392 grams per tire
  • Folding bead
  • Indended use: Cyclocross
  • Condition: New in original packaging
*TUBELESS NOTES: TCS tubeless is a tubeless ready system that requires sealant. It is not to be confused with UST tubeless. Installing an air tight tubeless ready system can be complicated enough that not everyone will be good at it or will achieve a leak free setup. Failure to ensure a leak-proof tubeless setup is entirely the responsibility of the person trying to attempt it. Failure to ensure a leak proof setup can be attributed to many factors, most of which are not related to the tire itself. We cannot come to your place and perform it for you. Given the last two sentences, we will not warranty any tire from leaking unless you can prove with evidence a defect that is causing the leak.

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