Weinmann TM19 24" Bike Alloy Rear Wheel 36H Freewheel Compatible New
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  • Rim: Weinmann TM19, 36H
  • Brake compatibility: Rim brake only 
  • Rim construction: 1-1/2 walled (hybrid between single and double walled)
  • Axle/Hub: Men Join - 3/8" nutted, for 135mm frame spacing
  • Compatible only with multi speed freewheels. Not compatible with anything single speed or with cassettes
  • Mass: 990 grams
  • Condition: New.

    Disclaimer: We obtained a bunch of wheels from a bike manufacturer. They put multiple wheels in bike boxes and shipped them to us that way. They may be slightly dusty and may have minor blemishes from the wheels rubbing against each other. We've tried to reflect this into the price of the wheel. These wheels are best suited for the person who just wants to ride and isn't attempting to build a bike to win best in show. Wheels come to brick and mortar dealers with the assumption that someone will go over it. Depending on your level of pickiness, wheels may require minor truing and cone/ball bearing adjustment. Cone adjustment is a skill any cyclist should know how to do. However all wheels will be rideable.

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