SHIMANO ULTEGRA FH-6800 HB-6800 Road Bike Hubs 32h Front + 32h Rear 11s NEW
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A hard to find option for those looking for building their own highly durable wheelset with more spokes than normal road wheelsets.


In the wake of the success of the 11 Speed Dura Ace 9000 group, Shimano has recently revealed that the 11 Speed sensation was moving down the line to the more affordable Ultegra 6800 group. Upgrades on the Ultegra 6800 Hubs go beyond the addition of an extra speed! In order to bring the Ultegra tubeless wheels up to date with the new 11 speed suit, 6800 hubs have been updated with a new freehub that features a new cone digital adjustment system designed to diffuse quick release tension, reducing the load on the bearings to enable smoother spinning and increased durability. In place of the double lock system normally found on most cup and cone hubs is a ratcheting ring hidden under an end cap. To adjust it you simply remove the end cap with a 5mm allen, and rotate the ring to eliminate any play in the bearings.
  • Digital cone adjustment system for precision tuning
  • Stiff oversize aluminum axle is less affected by quick-release axial force
  • Cubic boron nitride treated cone races & angular contact bearings ensure long life, precision adjustment and maximum efficiency
  • Labyrinth seal design for increased all-weather durability
  • Light aluminum alloy QR
  • Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Model: Ultegra
  • Front hub: HB-6800, 32h, Quick release, 9mm x 100, 159 grams
  • Rear hub: FH-6800, 32h, Quick release, 10mm x 130mm, 329 grams
  • Cassette compatibility: 7 through 11 speed (see note below)
  • Includes skewers, and <11 speed spacer
  • Spoke requirements: J-bend. Holes are drilled to 2.4mm in diameter.
  • Condition: New, not in packaging intended for individual retail sale (we recieved them in bulk boxes of 25)
Note: All cassettes vary slightly. The included spacer may or not be wide enough to eat up the extra space on an 11s hub body for use with less than 11 speed cassettes. Buyer is responsible for purchasing any such additional spacers on their own. Buyer is also responsible for measuring, or finding a reference online to figure out hub dimensions for calculationg spoke length.

  • 11 speed? Nothing is required for using either Shimano or SRAM 11s road cassettes
  • 8 through 10 speed? Use the included spacer 
  • 7 speed? Use everything required for 8-10 speed, plus another spacer designed to convert 8-10 speed hub bodies into 7 speed hub bodies.

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