Shimano Nexus 3-Speed 26" Commuter Bike Wheelset + Drum Brakes Light Tires NEW
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  • Rear Hub: Shimano Nexus
    • 3 Speed Internally Geared
    • Spacing: 120mm
    • Drum /  Band Brake (BR-IM31-R)
    • Axle: 3/8"
  • Front Hub: 
    • Panasonic 6 Volt Generator (for light)
    • Drum / Band Brake
    • Axle: 3/8"
    • Spacing: 100mm
  • Tires: Airless, 26 x 1.5" 
  • Includes light compatible with the Panasonic front hub. It Flashes when the front wheel spins for higher visibility
  • The wires for the light insert into the male end of the plug and make contact with the contacts in the female end of the plug on the hub. They are not supposed to be soldered in.
  • Includes:
    • Front Wheel
    • Rear Wheel
    • Drum / Band Brakes
    • Airless tires (solid)
    • Light
    • Nexus shifter
Compatibility Notes:
  1. The band brakes require some form of tab or bracket to mount the arm of the brake onto the frame's left chainstay or left fork leg. The bike it came off of had these welded on. A bracket similar to a coaster brake bracket should work. It simply keeps the brake from spinning when the brake is applied (same as a coaster brake arm).
  2. The tires are airless. There is no hole drilled into the rim for a tube. One can drill a hole if they desire to run tubed tires.
  3. The light on the bike was mounted to the basket included to the bike. This does not include a clamp, or any way of attaching the light. Buyer will have to figure out how to mount the light should he/she want to use it. It has a hole at the base where the original bolt went through.
  4. If the band / drum brakes aren't to be used, standard rim brakes are compatible.
  5. The tires can come off and standard tires can be used IF one drills a valve hole, installs a rim strip, and uses a conventional tire and tube. The rim has hooks on either side for catching the bead of a normal tire. Please note, the tires currently on there don't deflate like normal tires, so removing them is remarkably difficult. It can be done. If you want to leave them intact, it'll take strong tire levers. If you want to cut them off carefully, that's probably easier as long as you can avoid cutting the rim as well.

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