Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Hybrid Bike Brakeset BL-S500/BR-S501 1000/1700 NEW
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  • Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Model: Alfine
  • Caliper: BR-S501
  • Lever: BL-S500
  • Line Lenghts: 1000mm front, 1700mm rear
  • Mass: 341g front, 364g rear
  • Pre-bled
  • Front mount: Post mount 160mm
  • Rear mount: Post mount 160mm with 180F/160R Post to IS mount adpater
  • Condition: New, not in packaging intended for individual retail sale
  • Includes: What's shown in photographs only. If buyer receives more, count it as extras, but not promised to be included.

All weights and measures are approximate. Lines are the length described, and approximately 20-40mm is eaten up by hydraulic line fittings.

Compatibility: Calipers are made to fit most any model of bike and rotor size given the right bracket/adapter. Calipers as they are, are Post Mount intended for use with 160mm rotors. To be anything else, different brackets need to be used. There is not a master list of what brand, model, and model year any bike/fork has for brake caliper mounts, so please refrain from sending an email stating your model of bike and asking if it's compatible. The person in possession of the bike is in the best position to determine compatibility.

Refer to image 8 for the flow chart as to what you will need. Buyer is responsible for purchasing brackets/adapters on their onw. All brackets/adapters need to be made by Shimano in order to be compatible.

The best way to estimate the length of hydraulic line required is to measure your old brakes, or use a long piece of shift/brake housing, run it along the route it takes on the frame, and measuring how much is required.

We do not alter hydraulic line lengths or mix/match brakes if you need a kit of a different length combination. They are sold as they are.

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