SCHWALBE NOBBY NIC EVO Tubeless TLR 26"x2.10" 1 Pair MTB Folding Bike Tires NEW
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NEW - 1 PAIR - MSRP $169.99 - SHIPS IN 24HRS

"In a class of its own. All round favorite and for many years a serial winner of MTB tire tests. Why? Nobby Nic is unbelievably versatile. The tread offers unbeatable control in any conditions."

Tubeless-Ready by Schwalbe:

The technique of using a trie sealant to convert a normal MTB tire to a tubeless tire is becoming more and more popular. That's because the "home-made" tubeless system provides benefits with regard to weight, puncture protechion and rolling resisitance. We now make this conversion much easier."


  • Manufacturer: Schwalbe
  • Model: Nobby Nic Evo
  • PSI Range: 26-54psi, 35psi max for tubeless applications
  • Type: Tubeless Ready, Clinchers
  • Two 26 x 2.10" tires (Art # 11600070), HS411
  • Compound: PSC
  • Mass of 2.10 tire: 475 grams
  • Folding bead
  • Condition: New in Box

This tire is tubeless ready. This is how you can use it:

  • With an inner tube, or;
  • Without an inner tube - On an air tight tubeless wheel with a tire sealant (e.g. Schwalbe Doc Blue).

Tech note from Schwalbe:

"When converting light weight tubeless-ready MTB racing tires to tubeless, the process can take up to 3 days of consistent sealing and sealant will seep from the sidewalls of the tires."

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