RhinoDillos Blue 24-26" x 1-3/8" & 700c x 38/40 Flat Protection Bike Tire Liners
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What's a RhinoDillo?

RhinoDillos tire liners are a tough way to prevent thorns and other road debris from getting to the precious air in our tube and flattening your tire.

Are they invincible? No, of course not. A nail at the right angle can go through sheet metal. But - They are the toughest available, and they do stop 95 percent of sharp objects that would have otherwise ruined your day.

New SOFT-TIPS Prevent friction flats.

A friction flat is a way of describing what happens when an edge of a tire liner with the overlapping end rubs against the tube on the inner circumference and actually causes a flat tire. With our new patent pending Soft-Tips, your tube will be protected from this flat causing edge seen on all other brands of tire liners.

  • Manufacturer: RhinoDillos
  • Compatible sizes: 24-26" x 1-1/8", or 700 x 38/40c
  • Includes 2 tire liners (not 10)
  • Condition: New in retail packaging

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