Mathews ZS Zebra Hybrid Premium Replacement Bowstring Hybrid 1 Cam Brown/Blk NIB
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Category: 101.75" 94.5" 99.5" Zebra

Type: Not Catergorized

Vendor: Zebra

SKU: 354237

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Mathews Zebra Premium Bowstring

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  • Manufacturer: Mathews / Zebra
  • For compound bows 
  • For Hybrid 1 cam bows
  • ZS Twist minimizes peep rotation
  • No peep tube necessary
  • Incredibly stable anti-stretch technology
  • A precision blend of Vectran and HMPE
Note: We only have these in a number of lengths. Choose one that fits your bow. If you don't see it, we don't have it.

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