Lot of 12 Dozen Assorted Fly Fishing Flies Green Black Yellow White Brown
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  • Includes: 
    • 2 brown ones
    • 2 green ones
    • 4 yellow ones
    • 2 black ones
    • 2 white ones
    • 1 case
  • Condition: New. We have a large assortment of fishing flies that have been in our warehouse for a number of years. We're trying to put them in logical assortments that make sense for both the buyer and for us to sell. We don't know much about them, so asking us specifics will likely not yeild you an answer you want. We'll try to make sure that our listings are as accurate as can be, and that you'll receive as exactly what's shown in the images. If you get an odd one in the bunch, please forgive us. We'll compensate you, if you provide proof that you have gotten one in mistake, the total cost of the assortment divided by the number of flies received in error.

    For example, it was for twelve flies, at twelve dollars. You'd receive a dollar refund for the one in mistake. Not a total refund. 
  • The caliper was open to one inch for a reference in size.

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