FSA No.9M/CUP/TH-CX Semi Integrated Internal Headset 1-1/8" Cyclocross Bike NEW
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  • Manufacturer: FSA
  • Model: NO.9M/CUP/TH
  • Type: Semi-Integrated, Internal - see note below
  • Includes: Bearings, crown race, upper race, pressfit headset cups, and top cover
  • Does not include star nut, or bolt/cap that sits atop the stem
  • Weight: 118 grams
  • Bearings:
    • Sealed cartridge, 1-1/8",  36° x 36°, #872
  • Compatibility: The inner diameters of your headtube must approximately match the diameters of the pressfit cups listed below. Or if you're not using them, the bearing outer diameters/angles must match the inner diameter of your headset cups or integrated headtube.
  • Dimensions (our dimensions):
    • Pressfit cup diameter : 44.03mm
    • Bearing diameter: 41.49mm
    • Top cap height: 19.5mm
    • Total stack height: 21.6mm
    • Refer to images from FSA's tech sheet showing their specified dimensions
  • Condition: New, not in original packaging. We obtained the headsets in bulk boxes of 100. They will be kitted in our packaging up and sent to the buyer. 

There are three major categories of headsets - External, integrated, and semi-integrated, and there are hybrids of upper and lower combinations of the three. External headsets have press fit cups, but the bearings themselves sit external of the frame's headtube. Integrated headsets have the headset cups built into the frame (integrated) and the bearings are held internally. Semi-integrated/Internal headsets use pressfit cups that insert into the frame and hold the bearings inside the frame. The headset for sale is a Semi-Integrated style. The bearings themselves may match that of an integrated headset, but it's wise to make sure the diameters/angles match prior to buying this for integrated use.

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