FSA Afterburner Modular 392 Evo MTB Bike Crankset 175mm 30T 30mm 1 x 10/11s NEW
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  • Manufacturer: FSA
  • Model: Afterburner, Modular, Single
  • 30T
  • Mass: 674 grams
  • Spindle type: 30mm, 392 EVO
  • Condition: New, not in retail packaging
Note: Length shown in images may differ from what the listing / title / specs may state. Please refer to the written information for specifics regarding length.

  • The spindle is a long 30mm type, which means that it's nearly compatible with all bottom bracket shell types; assuming that the buyer purchase separately, a 392 EVO bottom bracket made by FSA compatible with BOTH their crankset and frame. It is imand portant when choosing a bottom bracket, that the buyer understand, measure, and determine what type of bottom bracket shell they have. It a duty that must be performed by the buyer for their frame, to understand and measure their frame themselves to determine compatiiblity since they are in possession of the frame in question.
  • There is fundamentally not much of a difference between 10 or 11s chains. Chains widths are ultimately the deciding factor in determining compatibility of the remainder of the drivetrain. For this reason, it is important to understand that cranksets can be compatible either with 10 or 11s drivetrains.

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