FORMULA R / RX Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake Lever/Caliper 1500mm MTB Bike 286g NEW
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NEW/ 286g / SHIPS IN 24hrs


  • Manufacturer: Formula
  • Model: R lever, RX Caliper \
  • Pre-bled and ready to install
  • Mass: 286 grams
  • Hydraulic line length: 1500mm
  • For 160mm rotors as it is - either with the I.S. Mount bracket, or without it as a post mount
  • Condition: New, not in packaging intended for individual retail sale.

** item only includes what is shown in photographs>
We receive a large volume of calls regarding disc brake compatibility. If you are wondering about compatibility with your frame, here are some details about disc brakes:

There are two popular different types of mounts that your frame or fork usually have, IS mount and post mount. The majority of disc brake calipers are post mount, but will work on an IS mount frame/fork with an adapter.

IS mounts can be identified by two tabs with holes 51mm apart (center to center). Most frames have an IS mount, and use a 160mm IS mount adapter to use with a post mount caliper.

Post mounts on frames/forks can be identified by having two holes 74mm apart (center to center). The majority of forks have a post mount. If using a 160mm rotor, no adapter is required. If using a rotor larger than 160, then an extra post mount adapter (spacer) is required to push the caliper further away from the center of the wheel.

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