AEROMAX Track 700c Single Speed Freewheel / Fixed Gear Wheelset Bike Black NEW
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  • Manufacturer: Aeromax
  • Model: Track
  • Weight: 1110 grams front, 1220 grams rear
  • Size: 700c (622 x 14)
  • Rim width: 20mm outer, 14mm inner
  • Rim height: 30mm
  • # of spokes: 32h front/rear
  • Color: Black
  • Wheel decals are removeable
  • Rim brake compatible
  • One side of the rear hub is compatible with track/fixed cogs, the other side is compatible with single speed freewheels
  • Not compatible with multi-speed cog clusters
  • Hub spacing: 100mm front, 120mm rear
  • Includes axle nuts, track cog, and lockring
  • Tire compatibility: 700c, Clincher, tubed.
  • Tire width compatibility: 23mm wide on up
  • Bearing type: Ball / Cone
  • Condition: New in box 
Please Note: Ball / Cone type hubs are the most common type of hub on planet earth. While being nearly indestructable and serviceable, optimal performance requires maintenance. If you're looking for optimizing performance, we advise that the cones are adjusted to your preferences, as well as checking cone position, and re-greasing the bearings throughout the life of the wheel. See the last image for a general diagram of this type of hub. The closer the two cones are on either side of the hub the more restrictive and poor the wheel will spin. The farther the two cones are apart, the better a hub will spin, however, it may introduce play/slop into the bearings if they are too far apart. The perfect position is where the axle turns with the least amount of resistance, and has no extra space between the cones, bearings, and hub races (has no slop or play). The lock nuts on either side of the axle lock the cone's position in place. It is not unique to our brand of wheels, but the design of ball / cone type hubs. Generally, the folks at the factory err on the side of too tight rather than loose because being slightly too tight is better than too loose. Adjustment usually requires one cone wrench (thin wrench), and a standard box/open end wrench for the locknut. There are loads of videos on youtube describing the process.

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