3 PACK DEFEET CYCLISMO Cycle Socks Cushioned Men's Women's Small Black White NEW
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The ultimate "modern cycling sock" was the main objective when DeFeet set out to create the Cyclismo 1-inch Socks. In other words, DeFeet combined its best materials and innovative fit technologies together in the form of a streamlined, comfortable, and versatile cycling sock design. The Cyclismo socks were developed in conjunction with a DeFeet-sponsored professional athlete's input, which is why they feature a specific lightweight material and innovative fit attributes. The material used to create the socks is a polyester blend known as ThermoCool, which provides exceptional moisture management, breathability, and soft next-to-skin comfort throughout a wide range of temperatures. Starting with the toes, DeFeet applied its signature No-Feel-Toe-Seams. This is a construction method that tucks in the seams in order to ensure that your toes remain comfortable and chafe-free throughout the duration of your rides. At the metatarsal region, "Meta-pads" were built into the Cyclismos. Essentially, this is a lightly padded section at the ball of the foot, which increases comfort through its lightly cushioned composition directly above the pedals. Additionally, the Cyclismos are left- and right-foot specific, and they feature reinforced heels to increase the overall durability at this high-stress zone.

Defeet crafts socks in the hills of North Carolina using proprietary methods. They use the finest sustainable fibers on Earth. Their socks perform better and last longer than the competition. They know it, because they test what they make in the sports they love. Since 1992 our innovative products have been proven by top athletes world wide.


  • Manufacturer: DeFeet
  • Model: Cyclismo
  • Quantity: 3 pairs
  • Gender: unisex
  • Size: small
  • Sizing: US women's 6-8/ men's 4.5-6.5/ EU 36-39.5
  • Height: 5"
  • Materials:
    • 38% nylon
    • 33% Thermo Cool
    • 16% lycra
    • 13% elastic
  • Color: 2 pairs white/ 1 pair black
  • Condition: new in packages. Please note: these socks came off retail store racks. They are brand new, but may have the typical signs of having been handled in the shop - a smudge here, a bit of dust there, etc... - nothing that won't come off in the wash.


  • Made in the USA
  • Aerospeed cuff
  • ADVANSA Thermo Cool Duoregulation
  • Vibration damping meta-pad
  • Moisture wicking
  • Compression fit
  • No feel toe seam

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