Complete Bicycle Disclaimer

  1. Condition: This bike will arrive in a box, mostly assembled, and requiring final assembly and adjustments. Shops build into the final price of their bikes the cost of a mechanic building the bike up. Please see attached video for sumarry of building a bike. It's expected that when purchasing an in-box bike, that these tasks be performed by you or someone qualified. 
  2. Which size is right for you is a personal and as unique as you are.
  3. Many defect/warranty claims are improperly diagnosed as defects, when in reality, it was due to a lack of improper assembly/adjustment. We honor and make whole, the buyer when it comes to actual defects. We can diagnose from customers which are actual defects and which are due to improper assembly. 
  4. Remember that left crank arms and pedals have left handed threads. DO NOT INSTALL THE LEFT PEDAL BY TIGHTENING IT CLOCKWISE! Also, make sure pedals are very, very tight. Failure to do so may result in the pedal coming out and you ruining the threads on the crank. We do not warranty pedal/crank threads.
  5. We will not warranty reflectors, or plastic wheel spoke protectors. 99.8% of you will receive intact reflectors and spoke protectors. Given their inexpensive nature and lack of desire for anyone to purchase them, and unique sizes, we do not have or carry them for sale. We only have as many sets as there are bikes for sale. They come in the box Fuji has provided. Spoke protectors are for improperly adjusted rear derailleurs. It's advisable that the derailleur stops are set correctly instead of relying on a fragile piece of plastic.
  6. The pedals that are included with this bike are inexpensive plastic pedals. They're largely for test riding at shops because most people eventually swap them out for clipless style or more aggressive, sturdier and more expensive, all metal pedals that suit their personal desires. Many bikes, especially higher end bikes, don't come with any pedals.  As they're meant to be temporary, we will not warranty pedals. 
  7. Proper care must be paid attention to when first inflating tires. It's important to make sure that the rim strip covers the spoke nipple holes, the tube is not pinched between the tire and rim, and seating tie tire so that the bead is seated perfectly and tire is round. If you experience a flat without riding the bike, it's 99% likely that these steps were not performed. All other flats are due to road hazards. Both types are completely beyond our control. As such, we do not warranty tubes.

Assembly Video: