3 QTY Sunlite Bicycle Inner Tubes 18 x 1.75" Schrader Valve NEW
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Category: 18 in 26" (inch) Kenda Tires-Tubes Tires-Tubes+Tubes Tube

Type: Tube

Vendor: Kenda

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  • Manufacturer: Sunlite
  • Diameter: 18"
  • Width Range: 1.75
  • Quantity included: 3
  • Valve: Schrader
  • Condition: New in boxes. 

Tube Buyer Guide: 

Things to pay attention to when purchasing tubes: 

  1. Diameter: You'll want to pay attention to the diameter; as a general rule, diameters are not compatible with other diameters unless specified. 
    1. Any time your tire's width is written as a fraction, please note, it will be an odd sized diameter tube. In that case, you'll want to pay attention to the bead seat diameter, as it needs to match the BSD of your tire. Bead seat diameters are the diameter where the tire hooks into the rim. These are older, or rarer types of tires. 26 x 1-3/8" for example is an older Schwinn size, and is not identical to its decimalized counterpart (26 x 1.375"). Generally, the only tubes that are cross compatible, and the exception, are the 27" (630mm BSD) and 700c/29er (622mm BSD). 
    2. Traditional, or standard sized tubes and tires will have their widths expressed as decimals or millimeters, 2.125" or 35/42mm for example. Standard decimalized bead seat diameters are thus: 16" = 305mm, 18" = 355mm, 20" = 406mm, 24" = 507mm, 26" = 559, 650B / 27.5" = 584mm, 700c / 29er = 622mm
  2. Widths: These can be a little flexible. Going a little under the tire's width allows for easier installation (what I do, a mechanic who's installed thousands of tubes), the exact width in the range is a general recommendation, and a little over is possible, but installation will be more difficult and could lead to pinch flats if not careful. 
  3. Valve type: Your rim will be drilled for one of two types of valves: Presta or Schrader. Presta holes are smaller, and don't allow Schrader valves to fit. Schrader holes are bigger, and will allow both to fit, but using a Presta valve in a Schrader hole can lead to cuts in your tube by the valve unless an adapter is used. 

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