1" Threaded Bike Headset 27.0 / 30.0mm JIS 36mm Stack Black NEW
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NEW / MSRP $14.99 / SHIPS IN 24HRS

  • Manufacturer: Unbranded
  • Type: External, threaded
  • Size: JIS
  • For forks with a crown race diameter of 27.0mm
  • For frames with an inner head tube diameter of 30.0mm
  • Total stack height: 36mm (approximately)
  • Bearings: Ball
  • Mass: 134 grams
  • Condition: New, not in retail packaging

    The bearing cup with the lowest height (the one on the left in image #4 goes in the upper part of the headtube). Don't mix them up, or you'll have to knock them out and reinstall them in the right location
Note: The bearings will likely come with either a clear or gross brown grease on them.  Also, if a bearing should happen to come out of its retainer, we recommend putting grease in the race (where the bearings will go) and place them in there individually without the race. The retainer simply serves as a handy way to keep all the bearings together during installation.

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