Formula C1 MTB Bike Hydraulic Disc Brakeset 850/1450mm Front + Rear NEW
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NEW / MSRP $299.99 / SHIPS IN 24 HOURS

  • Manufacturer: Formula
  • Lever: C1
  • Caliper: C1
  • Line Lengths: See Title
  • Mounts: 
    • Front: Post mount 160
    • Rear: Post mount 160mm, with 160mm I.S. to post mount adapter
  • Brake weights: 235 grams per brake (approximately)
  • Pre-Bled
  • Includes Pads
  • Condition: New, not in retail packaging.
  1. Formula C1 rotors are 1.79mm wide. It's very likely that your rotors are the same width, but ensuring that your rotors are of a similar width is probably a good idea.
  2. Includes ONLY that which is shown, even if you need it. If anything else is included, it is to be counted as extras, not obligatory inclusions.
  3. There may be some excess oil on the levers themselves left over from when they were bled. It's not an indication that they're leaking. 
  4. Please refer to the last image showing the flow chart to determine compatibility with your frame, fork, and rotor size. Essentially most calipers are compatible with any frame or fork, it's just a matter of brackets/adapters to push the caliper closer or farther away from the center of the wheel.
  5. We have no way of knowing how long of a hydraulic line you'd require. It's something you'd have to measure yourself. Also, line lengths are not alterable by us.

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