Shimano BL-M615 BR-M615 Hydraulic MTB Bike Disc Brake 850/1600mm NEW
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  • Manufacturer: Shimano
  • Color: Black
  • Caliper: BR-M615
  • Lever: BL-M615
  • Line Lengths: see title
  • Front is pre-bled
  • Mass: Approximately 285g per brake
  • Rear is a J-kit, which means everything is there, but the rubber boot on the end of the line must be take off, the shielding boot installed, and then the line is inserted into the lever and the brake tube nut is to be tightened. The J kit supposedly is air free after install, but it is not guaranteed. Bleeding may be required, and buyer responsible for bleeding brake. This is great for internally routed frames, as it eliminates the need to cut and find a new crush olive and hose barb. 
  • Front Mount: Post Mount 160mm
  • Rear mount: Post mount 160mm with IS to Post Mount adapter (180mm) 
  • Condition: New, not in packaging intended for individual retail sale.
  • Includes: What's shown in photographs only. If buyer receives more, count it as extras, but not promised to be included. 

All weights and measures are approximate. Lines are the length described, and approximately 25mm is eaten up by hydraulic line fittings.

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